How to Use Mobile Bill Payments to Fund Your Online Casino Account

Published: 15.01.2024

Pay-by-phone casinos are online gambling sites that allow players to fund their accounts via their phone bill. Most players aren’t even aware that you can deposit to casinos using your phone bill, so this can be a unique opportunity to learn about a special type of mobile casino payment.

To be frank, there is no exact, standard term for casino payments made using phone credits. Players often simply call them Pay by Mobile casinos, Pay by Phone casinos, or something similar. We’ll likely use the terms interchangeably. However, do not mistake phone bill casino payments with just any time of mobile casino deposit. Mobile payment methods come in all shapes and sizes and are usually handled by e-wallets, gateways, apps, etc. Deposits paid using your phone bill are a type of mobile payment but don’t account for all of them.

If you’re looking to play casino games online using your phone bill, this post is a great start. We’ll go through the basics of funding your bankroll using your phone, as well as the pros and cons of doing so. We’ll also explain a few methods for making casino payments of this type.

How Phone Bill Casino Payments Work

The basic premise of this type of casino payment is simple.

You make a deposit, typically confirming your phone number using SMS or a different form of identification. Your desired deposit amount is then charged directly to your phone bill. Whenever you next pay your phone bill, you’ll also clear any debts to the casino.

However, most casino deposit methods don’t work this way – even ones specifically made to cater to phone users. Most methods are funded through bank cards, bank accounts, or some other way.

This leaves you with two real options. You either need a casino accepting phone bill payments, or some sort of service to act as an intermediary.

The former is exceedingly rare. There are casinos out there that allow you to deposit directly to your account using your phone credit. 1xBet comes to mind as the biggest and probably most successful example of such a casino. Although possible, relying on the site itself to handle payments limits your options quite a lot.

The second options will work more reliably for more people. However, it does have downsides. Payment services typically charge fees and have other limits on how you can move your money, and how quickly.

Why Pay Using Your Phone Bill?

The first thing most people will ask is – why even pay using phone credit in this day and age? You’re just using your phone carrier to process payments, much how you would use an e-wallet.

The answer is that many people find it convenient not to have to worry about any third-party app. Most people these days have phones, which means they also pay bills to their operators. Pay-by-phone casinos allow you to gamble online without setting up any additional accounts or exposing your bank account.

To illustrate,  we’ll go through a short list of pros and cons of phone bill casinos online.


  • Convenience – Arguably the biggest advantage of this payment option is the convenience. Simply transferring your deposit charge onto your phone bill is fast and easy. Moreover, you’ll be able to pay your deposit while paying your phone bill – something you would have had to do anyway.
  • Security – Much like e-wallets can act as a barrier between your bank account and the money’s destination, phone payments to casinos can make gambling safer. In short, you don’t need to provide any personal data for such a deposit. You don’t have to type in your card info or link up your casino to a third-party payment service. All you need is a phone number and a carrier company – something you likely have already.
  • Accessibility – Since you probably already have a phone, nothing else is really needed for casino phone payments. Even if you don’t have access to traditional banking methods or credit cards, you can still enjoy the thrill of online gambling with pay-by-mobile options.
  • Bankroll Management – Every payment made through your phone bill has to be individually vetted and confirmed. In practice, this makes it harder to go overboard with depositing and gambling with money you don’t want to lose.
  • Flexibility – Pay-by-mobile casinos instantly charge your phone bill. However, how you choose to settle that bill is between you and the carrier. Whether you prefer pre-paid credit or monthly billing, you can set up your payment process any way you want.


  • Limited availability – For better or worse, this type of casino deposit is a niche service. Most casino sites don’t offer such an option for payments, and third-party services are quite scarce. All in all, your options for picking a top online casino will be severely limited if you choose this route for payments.
  • Low limits – Although pay-by-phone-bill casino deposits can have fairly low minimum limits, they rarely allow for large transactions. If you’re a high-roller and regularly deposit large sums to your favorite casino venue, this method is not suitable for you.
  • Extra steps – Invariably, paying for gambling this way has to be done through a phone carrier company. Phone companies aren’t exactly known for great customer service, though. That’s just one example of how adding additional steps to your payment process can be bad.

How to Pay for Casinos Using Your Phone Bill

As we mentioned above, some casinos allow you to directly pay for gambling using your phone bill. Most don’t, though. So what do you do if you want to pay via your phone bill but the casino doesn’t accept it?

Use Boku, of course!

Boku is an online payment service primarily developed for use on mobile phones. Essentially, it consolidates hundreds of different mobile payment methods into one, easy-to-use package. The idea is for players to quickly and easily pay to Boku, and then use their funds however they wish.

Notably, one of the ways in which you can deposit to Boku is by charging your phone carrier. As such, you can pretty much use any casino you want – as long as it accepts Boku.

To find out more about Boku casino payments and the best casinos that accept them, check out this page.


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