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Live Casino Bonuses. How to Find the Best Live Dealer Bonus Offers?

The best live casino bonuses the internet has to offer, collected and curated for your convenience.

Welcome to Casino Payment Options page dedicated solely to live casino bonus codes. Win more in every round with these exclusive live dealer casino promotions and special offers!

Many casino sign-up offers these days are aimed toward slot players and are severely limited if you want to play live casino games. To save you the pain of reading through pages of terms, conditions, and rules, we compiled a list of top live casino welcome bonuses with some of the best bonus codes for live casinos.

Best Live Casino Offers Today

Mr Green

Live Casino Bonus

100% matched bonus up to $100 (non-UK)

T&Cs apply. 18+ only. Please gamble responsibly

Other Perks

200 Free Spins

T&Cs apply. 18+ only. Please gamble responsibly


ive Casino Bonus

100% matched bonus of up to €25

T&Cs apply. 18+ only. Please gamble responsibly

Other Perks

20 Free Spins

T&Cs apply. 18+ only. Please gamble responsibly


Live Casino Bonus

100% deposit match up to €100 or 1 BTC

T&Cs apply. 18+ only. Please gamble responsibly

Other Perks

180 Free Spins

T&Cs apply. 18+ only. Please gamble responsibly


Live Casino Bonus

Matched bonus of up to €300

T&Cs apply. 18+ only. Please gamble responsibly

Other Perks

30 Free Spins

T&Cs apply. 18+ only. Please gamble responsibly

Play Frank

Live Casino Bonus

100% up to €100 First Deposit Bonus

T&Cs apply. 18+ only. Please gamble responsibly

Other Perks

50% up to €200 on second deposit + 200 free spins

T&Cs apply. 18+ only. Please gamble responsibly

Mr Play

Live Casino Bonus

$200 Welcome Bonus Package

T&Cs apply. 18+ only. Please gamble responsibly

Other Perks

100 Free Spins

T&Cs apply. 18+ only. Please gamble responsibly

Spin Rio

Live Casino Bonus

3 deposit bonuses up to £200

T&Cs apply. 18+ only. Please gamble responsibly

Other Perks

100 Free Spins

T&Cs apply. 18+ only. Please gamble responsibly

888 Casino

Live Casino Bonus

4100 on Live Games

T&Cs apply. 18+ only. Please gamble responsibly

Other Perks

100 FS

T&Cs apply. 18+ only. Please gamble responsibly

What is a Live Casino Bonus?

Live casino bonuses are special casino offers and promotions that players can use to play live casino games.

Such offers are similar to most other types of bonuses at online casinos – which means they can be quite diverse and versatile. However, the one defining feature of casino live bonuses is that they specifically cater to live dealer players.

For example, a live casino no deposit bonus is a great way for new players to try out games with no risk. Cashback bonuses can make up some of your losses, allowing you to play longer.

We’ll go into these types of live casino offers later. For now, all you need to understand is that these special offers are perfect for players who prefer live dealer gambling to other forms of online casino games. You can get much more bang for your buck the next time you enjoy live roulette, blackjack, or baccarat.

Live dealer casino games are more varied and exciting than ever before. This means that a live casino welcome bonus can net you hours of fun and potentially big rewards! Keep reading to find out all the details and where these amazing offers can be found.

Different Types of Live Casino Bonuses – We Describe the Most Popular Live Dealer Bonus Deals

It’s time to have all these live casino bonuses explained. What can these deals get for you, specifically? Well, there are several schools of thought among casino operators. In practice, almost every bonus is unique with different perks, quirks, and conditions.

That said, they generally fall into one of several categories which may depend on where you live. For instance, a live casino bonus USA might do things differently than offers in the UK. Online gambling is a global business, though, so the differences are minor. 

Let’s check out the most common types of live casino bonus:

Live Casino Welcome Bonus – Almost every modern betting site offers some sort of new customer deal. However, only a select few can be called a live casino sign-up offer with an actual focus on live gambling. The difference typically lies in wagering contributions. In short, every welcome bonus has a required amount you need to play through before withdrawing any winnings. Many casinos limit how much live dealer games contribute to meeting this requirement. Others may have components such as free slot spins. Live casino sign up offers, on the other hand, focus solely on live games such as roulette or blackjack.

Reload Bonus – It’s worth mentioning that a welcome offer is not the only way to get a live casino free bonus. A reload bonus does the same thing by granting free funds you can use as a bankroll. However, reload bonuses are not restricted to new users who are just signing up. Typically, reload bonuses can be used monthly, weekly, or even daily. That’s why a reload bonus is one of the best live casino bonus types in the long term. If you plan to stick around the casino and play a bunch, you might prefer it to sign-up deals.

Cashback Bonus – A cashback live casino bonus pays back a part of whatever losses you may have. Typically, offers such as these are restricted to a game type. They’re a great way of dialing down the house edge of any game and improving your bottom line. Cashback bonuses are similar to reload bonuses in the sense that they’re better in the long term. In fact, the more you play a particular kind of game, the better the cashback bonus becomes.

Live Casino No Deposit Bonus – Most welcome bonuses award bonus funds depending on the size of your first deposit. Some, however, will net you bonus funds without ever having to deposit anything into the casino. Chances to play live casino no deposit bonus codes are rare, however, which makes them exceedingly valuable. Live casino no deposit bonus offers are very attractive, but you should limit your expectations. These promos are rare and often come with restrictive terms and conditions. That makes sense, in a way – giving away free funds is not a great business model for any casino.

Drops & Rewards – Live casino games sometimes also offer game-specific bonuses and promotions. These can vary greatly in what they offer, how they work, and even who is eligible for one. Still, they’re very much worth it – especially if you have a particular game or type in mind. For example, the casino may give out bonuses whenever specific conditions are met. You could, say, win extra money if you win a specific Straight-up bet in roulette. Or a side bet in live blackjack can get a multiplier for all possible winnings. Rewards can range from live casino free spins for roulette to bonus funds and rebates.

Tournaments – Live dealer tournaments are another type of rewards program that has become a common sight at live-focused casinos. These special offers often include some sort of ranking or high score list. Players compete at winning the most money with certain types of games. If you rake in more than anyone else that week, for example, you could receive live casino bonus codes. Tournaments can be very profitable for skilled or dedicated players. These are exclusive, limited-time offers, so you’ll need to be quick to act if you see one!

Why Should You Use Live Casino Bonuses – Pros and Cons of a Live Dealer Casino Bonus

Some advantages of live casino bonuses are obvious, but others aren’t. Similarly, the downsides of opting into promotions are often not as clear as the perks. You may have to read the fine print to be sure of what you’re getting into. Even the best live casino bonuses are made to seem better than they really are. They’re there to be as attractive to new players as possible, after all.

Don’t worry too much, though. If you know what you’re doing and you’re dealing with a trusted casino, a live casino welcome bonus is a great tool. Let’s consider some pros and cons of choosing a live casino bonus offer.


The main Pros our team here at CasinoPaymentOptions feels are worth nothing follow:

Free gambling funds – Bonuses can increase the bankroll you have available for gambling. You get a lot more bang for your buck.

Better returns – Live casino bonuses mitigate losses and ultimately decrease the house edge. Remember – value in gambling is not about winning games. It’s about winning money (and having fun along the way).

Head start – By getting free live casino bonus funds, you’re essentially already profitable. This gives you more room for making mistakes and time to learn the games.

Finding better casinosLive casino bonus offers encourage players to always be on the lookout for greener pastures. This increases competition which improves the overall services offered to customers.

Encouraging experimentation – Special offers sometimes drive you to try new things, including games you might not otherwise. Similarly, promotions that reward certain bets or playing styles may broaden your horizons as a gambler.


In the same manner, here are the Cons of using live casino bonuses.

Wagering requirements – Any casino bonus live funds need to be played through several times before you can withdraw them.

Wagering contributions – Moreover, some games contribute less towards meeting wagering requirements. Live casino games such as blackjack are hit especially hard, with contributions sometimes as low as 5%.

Time limits – Bonus funds are often limited to a time frame. If you don’t meet the wagering requirements, your bonus code for live casino is forfeited.

Regional restrictions Some regions limit or simply ban casino bonuses. That’s why, for instance, live casino bonuses in the USA are noticeable bigger than anywhere else. Conversely, they’re completely banned in Sweden.

Casino Bonus Expected Value – How to Calculate It?

Some of you may be wondering why we separated live casino bonuses in the first place. The bonus funds can be used for any game on a casino, right?

Yes – but the wagering contributions of bonus games can be different. This isn’t an issue for, say, slots. Those almost always have 100% contribution. However, a casino bonus live blackjack might have less than a 10% contribution. Why, you ask? Because of something called Expected Value, or EV.

Expected value in gambling is the long-term profitability of a certain bet. In a way, it can be understood as a different calculation of RTP or house edge. 

To calculate Expected Value, you have to find the ratio between the probability of an event occurring and the payout for that outcome. For instance, let’s say you’re betting on a 50/50 coin flip with a payout of 1:1. That’s a completely “fair” bet – the probability is equal to the payout. That’s why such a bet has 100% RTP, 0% house edge, and 0 expected value. If you were to use live online casino bonus for that bet, you could expect to keep all of the bonus funds by the time you meet the wagering requirements.

However, every casino game out there has a house edge. That’s why every game out there technically has a negative expected value. The rule of averages dictates that you’ll lose money in the long term.

How Does Expected Value Affect Casino Bonuses?

The reason we’re telling you all of this is that live casino games generally have much better RTP than slots. Casino bonus deals are designed in such a way that most of the bonus funds end up lost by the time you complete wagering requirements. With casino bonus live dealer games, however, that doesn’t have to be the case. 

Expected Value for Casino Bonuses is calculated by multiplying the total wagering requirement and the house edge of the game you’re playing. 

By total requirement, we mean that you multiply the playthrough requirement and the bonus funds. For example, if you get a $100 bonus with a 20x wagering requirement, the total requirement is $2,000.

Now we calculate the expected value assuming we’re using a casino bonus live roulette, meaning a 97.3% RTP. The house edge is expressed as 0.027%.

2,000 x 0.027 = 54

Which is a negative expected value of $54. That means you’re expected to lose $54 – more than half your bonus funds! If the wagering contribution is capped at 50%, your bonus would be useless!

That’s why you need to be careful with live casino free bonus offers and wagering contributions. If not made for live casino games, your bonus might end up being a bad decision.

How to Claim a Live Casino Bonus – A Step by Step Guide!

Once you choose a bonus that you like, all that’s left is to collect it. For this short guide, we’ll use a live casino welcome bonus to illustrate how casino bonuses work. However, different types of offers such as Cashback or Tournaments may be quite different. Just remember to read the casino’s terms and instructions.

Anyway, here’s how to use a live casino bonus.

Follow one of the links listed on this page. Most don’t require live casino bonus codes, so all you need to do is click on the link and you’ll be taken to the casino site.

Click to register. You will need to set up an account with the casino.

Fill out your account details and complete KYC verification. The registration process is generally similar at most live casino sites. You will also need to provide some sort of proof of identity or address. This can be annoying but is necessary for legal live casino bonuses in the UK and most other countries.

Opt-in to the promotion. Keep in mind that some casinos have multiple new customer offers. Be sure to pick live casino sign up offers if you’re planning to play with real dealers!

Make your first deposit. Most bonus rewards are based on the size of your deposit. However, don’t be too ambitious. If you can’t meet the wagering requirements in time, you’ll lose the bonus.

Complete wagering requirements. Play through the required requirement before the offer’s time runs out, and you’ll be able to withdraw it!

Where to Find the Best Live Casino Bonus Deals?

With all the math of expected values, wagering requirements, and betting contributions, it should be clear that finding a good bonus code for live casino is not that easy. It’s not just about picking the biggest numbers! It’s about comparing different offers and reading the fine print.

We’re aware that not everyone has the time or patience to do so. That’s why this page was created in the first place.

The best live casino bonus offers the igaming business has to offer can be found right on this page. The list was curated by digging through a lot of offers, terms and conditions, and casino page rules. It’s also versatile and can fit many different needs. Whether you’re looking for a Bitcoin live casino bonus or casino bonus for live baccarat, we’ve got you covered.

Better yet, with the tips we gathered here, you’ll immediately be able to tell why these bonuses are a cut above the rest. Get your live casino sign up today, and get the most value from the bonus you can!


A live casino sign-up bonus that matches your money with bonus funds is perfect for a profitable start. Just remember to get one with low wagering requirements and a 100% contribution for live casino games.

New casino promotions and bonus offers pop up all the time, and some are no longer available. That’s why there’s no single answer to this question – the best live bonuses constantly change! Our list of top live dealer promotions above is up-to-date and comprehensive, however.

Live casino bonuses are worth it only if their expected value is high enough. More precisely, if their negative expected value is lower than the bonus funds you receive. You can find more details about the casino bonus expected value above.

Any live casino bonus with a 100% wagering contribution on live blackjack. Due to the incredible RTP of blackjack, most casinos limit how much blackjack winnings contribute towards meeting wagering requirements. If you’ve found one that doesn’t, you will likely be able to withdraw most of your bonus funds after you complete the requirements.

Casino bonus live funds can only be withdrawn once the wagering requirements are completed. For instance, let’s say you receive $100 in bonus funds and the bonus offer has a 20x requirement. This means that you will need to wager a total of $2,000 before you can withdraw the funds. After this goal is complete, head to the casino cashier page and withdraw as normal.