Today we have another altcoin option for you in the form of our ZCash review. There can never be enough cryptocurrency options to choose from as each one has its own nuance and value to suit your needs. Join us as we take a look at the best ZCash casinos as well as how to use this altcoin to deposit.

Furthermore, we shall also be analyzing ZCash deposits in terms of fees, waiting times, security, and more. At the end of the article, you will also be able to find where to claim the best ZCash casino bonuses. We seek to keep you fully informed so you can find basic as well as detailed info on this cryptocurrency here. Let us take a look at how suitable and beneficial it is to use at online casinos.

The Best ZCash Casinos Right Now

If you are looking for the top-rated ZCash casinos currently on the market, we have you covered. Below you can find a list of the top casinos accepting ZCash payments. They have all been analyzed and critiqued by us so you can find detailed reviews for each one by clicking on their names. Furthermore, each platform is reputable and licensed so you can browse around without worries.


Licensed and regulated by Curacao
100+ world-renowned software suppliers
7000+ unique slots, table games & live dealers
Payment Rating
Withdrawal times: 1-5 Days
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Payment Rating
Withdrawal times: 1-5 days
Fees: Depends on the method
Countries accepted: Jamaica Canada Ireland Italy USA

The Best ZCash Online Casinos for Different Purposes

Fast Payout
Best ZCash Bonus

Please be aware that ZCash is currently a relatively smaller cryptocurrency. Consequently, locating a reputable casino that accepts ZCash deposits can be quite challenging.

Finding a ZCash casino is hard but we have some good options for you nonetheless so do not worry.

Here are some different platforms for different purposes when it comes to utilizing this crypto currency.

ZCash: Company Details

Originally known as Zerocoin, Zcash was developed in 2016 by Matthew D. Green to serve as an alternative cryptocurrency to ones like Bitcoin, Ethereum, etc. Zcash was focused on providing a more private and secure version of Bitcoin without involving third parties. It shares its codebase with Bitcoin so the “shielding” process Bitcoin uses for anonymity is available with ZCash as well. Besides being incredibly private, Zcash offers almost non-existent fees of $0.008 currently. Transactions are lightning-fast and very accessible.

Using ZCash at online casinos can be quite effective due to the numerous benefits cryptocurrencies have as we mentioned earlier. You will need a crypto wallet and these usually come in mobile form for convenient transactions with two-factor authentications for security. Let us take a look at the deposit process for this cryptocurrency and how effective it is for casino use.

High privacy through the “shielding” protocol
Minimal fees of ~$0.008
Withdrawals in less than an hour
Operating globally
Selective disclosure of payment information
Countries Accepting ZCash

How to Use ZCash at Online Casinos?

ZCash casino deposits are quite simple to do but first, we will have to register a crypto wallet to store it as with the other currencies. We will also have to register an account with an online crypto exchange to buy some ZCash. Therefore, let us start with the wallet first.

Pick and choose a recommended wallet on the ZCash website to suit your needs. Some popular options include Trezoz, Ledger Nano S, Coinpayments, Jaxx, etc. Create an account with one by providing information such as name, surname, email address, and unique password. You will have to verify your account via email. Now you have your wallet which is a much safer place to store ZCash than on an exchange.

Speaking of which, head on over to a popular exchange like Binance, Kucoin, or Coinbase. Here you can purchase ZCash with another banking method. Once you have your desired amount, transfer it to your wallet in the appropriate send section by copying the address to your wallet. Note that you can only access the privacy features of ZCash if you pay from your wallet and not the exchange.

Once you have some ZCash stored, you are ready to deposit at your online casino.

How to Deposit and Withdraw Money Using ZCash?

This is the easy part and the more exciting one. Simply choose from a list of our recommended ZCash casinos and create an account with one. Make sure to verify your account to be able to withdraw your winnings later on. Additionally, open your crypto wallet beforehand just to be prepared.

Now you are ready for ZCash casino deposits so follow these steps.

  • Log in to your casino account and go to the Banking-Deposit section.
  • Choose ZCash as your preferred method.
  • Enter the amount you wish to deposit.
  • You will get a deposit address which is an array of letters and numbers, copy that.
  • Paste the address into your ZCash wallet in the appropriate section.
  • Confirm the transaction.

Your money will be deposited to your online casino instantly and without fees. Note that private addresses for ZCash deposits start with ‘z’ and public ones with ‘t’.

Once you earn some winnings and want to cash out, you can use your ZCash wallet again. This is how:

  • This time, go to the Banking-Withdrawal section of your casino.
  • Select ZCash as your preferred method.
  • Input the amount you wish to withdraw.
  • Copy the receiving address from your ZCash wallet and paste it into the online casino’s appropriate section.
  • Confirm the request and verify it.

Once the request is approved by your casino your winnings will be on your crypto wallet. Do not worry as ZCash processing times are quite fast.

In fact, let us take a look at how fast.

ZCash License and Location

ZCash is a cryptocurrency and therefore does not require any licenses and does not feature any prominent locations. Be sure to check the licenses of the crypto wallets you use to store ZCash.

Number icon

Play Frank

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Mr Play Casino

Best for Trustly
Number of payments: 25+
  • Multi-licensed
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  • 40+ software suppliers
  • No USA players
  • No crypto
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1xBet Casino

Best for Skrill
Number of payments: 35+
  • 3K+ games
  • Wide range of payments
  • Rewarding bonuses
  • No UK + USA
  • Long verification time

ZCash Casino Fees and Withdrawal Times

ZCash like many other cryptocurrencies excels at fees and waiting times. The fees are minimal and non-noticeable. For each transaction, you will be paying around 0.0001 ZEC which is currently less than $0.01. You can pay a larger fee for even faster transactions but even this fee is minimal. And besides, regular transaction times are already quite fast and requests do not get clogged often.

Speaking of waiting times, deposits are instant. Withdrawal times typically are around a few minutes. Your casino’s withdrawal request processing time might add a bit of waiting up to an hour. But even an hour is much faster than the few days you can wait for traditional banking methods.

Is it Safe to Use ZCash at Online Casinos?

ZCash is absolutely one of the most private and secure ways you can perform transactions online. They have several layers of security including their “shielding” protocol shared by Bitcoin. This ensures your information stays private during transactions with zero-knowledge proofs. Furthermore, encryption algorithms are used to keep every secure and avoid unauthorized access.

There is also the cryptocurrency measure of decentralization. This means that no third party is involved in the transaction so there is no way to exploit it. Finally, ZCash utilizes the consensus mechanic called Proof-of-Work to validate transactions and maintain the integrity of the blockchain.

Add to this the two-factor authentication through your crypto wallet and you have yourself a nigh foolproof banking method.

Luxon Pay Alternatives Type of Payment Privacy Guaranteed? Deposit Withdrawal
1 bitcoin casinos Cryptocurrency Yes Yes
2 Cryptocurrency Yes Yes
3 usdt casinos Cryptocurrency Yes Yes

ZCash Casino Customer Support

When it comes to customer support, ZCash can be contacted through their website for help and questions. Inquiries can be filed on their page and you can also review the detailed FAQ. Another neat thing about this cryptocurrency is that it has an active community on both social media like Twitter and Discord, as well as forums. You can also find these on their website and engage with other people using ZCash for help and advice.

ZCash Online Casino Bonuses & Rewards

Lastly, what is a casino banking method without bonuses? You can claim exciting cryptocurrency bonuses using ZCash at online casinos that accept this method. These can be welcome bonuses to start you off or advanced promotions. From cashbacks and reloads to free spins and daily bonuses, you can claim pretty much anything with ZCash.

Where to Find the Top ZCash Bonuses


ZCash is an incredibly safe and secure cryptocurrency option as evident in our safety section. They use various layers of security to keep their customers safe.

ZCash is available globally.

You can use ZCash as any other cryptocurrency by buying some at an online exchange. Then you can transfer and store it in a crypto wallet of your choice and finally transfer it to an online casino from there.

ZCash fees include a 0.0001 ZEC fee per transaction which is currently less than $0.01.

ZCash withdrawals typically take anywhere from a few minutes to an hour depending on your online casino.